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Training courses serving excellence

Training courses serving excellence

Marie-Catherine Jusserand

We see personal development in the world of services as a true asset to any business. For this reason, we make our programs more impactful through co-conceived content and in conditions tailored to each.

Marie-Catherine Jusserand, Director at La Haute Ecole du Service

Are you in contact with a demanding clientele?
Would you like to be trained, or for your teams to be trained to the excellence of service?

Our school offers customized training courses to answer the needs of a high-end clientele.

We develop the skills and potential hidden in each of us - we specifically train the employees of a business in direct contact with the most demanding customers - we prepare them to deliver a service of relational excellence. In both French and English.

More than 10 years of

Since 2007, Parnasse cultivates a unique savoir-faire in high-end customer relationship.

This ideal of exception led to the creation of the La Haute Ecole du Service in 2017 to lead employees and managers of large groups or small to medium-sized companies towards service excellence in all interaction situations.

Beyond luxury

Parnasse goes beyond luxury by assisting customers of all horizons on varied and modern problematics, far from plain and conventional luxury. By building its training programs around the savoir-faire and experience of the Parnasse employees, La Haute Ecole du Service benefits from an accurate knowledge of today’s high-end customer behavior and delivers training courses with attested effectiveness.

What makes us unique: humans

 With a ‘’human at the heart’’ approach in each of our training courses, we specifically work on personal development, and because we can only change our behaviors by understanding ourselves, we offer, through our trainings, the keys to better know ourselves and with that, better learn.

Learning how to handle one’s emotions

At La Haute Ecole du Service, we believe emotions are an integral part of the business world and should be addressed. We teach you how to take a step back and externalize in order to analyse these emotions and calmly and efficiently act on them in your contacts with customers.

Questions you are probably asking yourself…

Our 12 years of expertise in that field allow us to offer training courses perfectly suited to your needs.
The contents of our courses rely on 3 pillars : "savoir-faire", "savoir-être" and "pouvoir-être".
Human being at the heart of La Haute Ecole du Service ’s values, we favor classroom learning and offer digital formats such as e-learning, mobile learning or even virtual reality.